04 January 2012

Packaging Options :OR: What do I stick this in? v 1.0

Hi everyone!

This post is about the different types of packaging I mentioned a few months ago. We've had a bit of a revelation about our design; namely that a cut/folded/glued envelope is pretty labor intensive. We also discovered that there are these little foam CD hubs with glue on the back that you can buy dirt cheap. You've probably seen them, but it was news to us. So here's what we came up with:

Design 1: Our 'manual labor classic' style. It protects your precious music & offers TWO whole panels (front & back) for you to decorate. Good for singles or EP releases that don't warrant a huge amount of stock. [exact dimensions coming soon!]

Design 2: I like this one. This is a single panel, nothing folded, nothing hidden. Just one piece with the hub on one side & the other side available for artwork or song titles. The nice thing about this design is that we can manufacture more of them (given the same amount of cardboard) than any other model, while keeping the artwork complexity to a bare minimum. [exact dimensions coming soon!]

Design 3: Standard single-foldover cover. We can make it with a narrow binding or without. The binding allows you to print something on the edge like a book title. [exact dimensions coming soon!]

Design 4: This one is cool too, but only if you're doing a multiple-disc release. 2-album set? LP + DVD release? We got you covered. [exact dimensions coming soon!]

I've experimented with increasingly more complex, multi-panel designs as well. Frankly, if you want to release something on Rule 6 & you want something more intricate than what we have here, that's a custom-packaging situation that we'd plan out together. What I've presented here are the templates, so that any musicians or artists who have a release in mind can start to plan their packaging WELL IN ADVANCE of discussing it with me.

The other cool thing about the hubs is the potential for guerilla advertising. I plan on sticking individual hubs in random locations throughout the city & leaving CD samplers on them once a month or so. Good luck finding one! (Although I guess all of the music that would be on them is already available for free on our bandcamp site, so anyone who hears about these discs from this blog won't have any use for them. Hm.)

SO! To sum up: We've got more ways to distribute music than ever before, and we're looking for more releases for 2012, so CONTACT me with your ideas & we'll see what Rule No. 6 can do for you.

Until next time; treat life like you were Bruce Lee & put your fist through something.