23 June 2010

The Past & Future of th' Label That Doesn't Exist

On this, our second post, I'd like to recap what we've done so far, and what's coming in the near future:

Rule No. 6 Records was formed on June 28 2009 as the result of a conversation with Amber Marsh. Right away, we started looking for artists or projects to feature, and ways to deliver the results to people. At the time, we decided we would disseminate at live shows & gigs of the bands/artists we serve. So far, so good. Our first attempt to offer services to a band began with a improv-rock band called RATSNAKETURBORAT {Full Disclosure: I play bass in this band.} The guys agreed to an EP release, & we started working on cover art & song selection. Before we could release that album, another local group {Full Disclosure: ... that I'm also in}, Schwinntonation, needed a number of CDs for a short Illinois/Kentucky/Indiana tour. SO, our first actual release was Schwinntonations' 1st album, sequenced/programmed by Charlie Universe & Rustel Weiss. Charlie gave me the cover art. I cut, folded, glued, and screened 40 copies. {We still have roughly 25.} Schwinntonation plays a mini-tour of the Midwest, I tell everyone I have a label, we sell some copies. Gratification. Another month goes by, and RATSNAKETURBORAT has a cover and 10 CDs in the first run. We play a gig at the Mopery in Chicago and sell a few. {I believe we still have 6.} Then winter of 09-10, revelry, festivus, and family, blah blah blah.... Still telling everyone about my 'label'.

Now its 2010. The Year We Make Contact. Year of Crazy Ideas & Unlikely Chances. I considered trying to have a "10 Releases in '10" concept, but I'll be honest with you, I'd have to cut a LOT of goddam cardboard; I'm in many bands, pick up recording work whenever posssible, and part-time it as well. There just isn't enough time. So, I'm currently soldiering ahead, telling everyone I have a label, and slowly working to flesh out what that means.


Number ONE) I'm currently recording & mixing an EP for a young band called Fabrics. We're planning to post tracks on facebook and bandcamp by the end of the month. {Original acoustic-pop songs. Melodic, positive & appealing.}

Number TWO) Schwinntonation EP, LIVE @ Whole Foods from the summer of 09. {FYI, this band takes ALL the sounds that bicycles can make & turns them into music. VERY VERY worth checking out.}

Number THREE) RATSNAKETURBORAT EP #2!! {Amplified Sax/Electric Bass/Drums doing free improv. we're LOUD.}

Number FOUR) "Playing With Birds": an acoustic improv CD by myself {C. Ezra Lange} & Rustel Weiss of Schwinntonation. Rusty plays nylon-string guitar, I play steel-string acoustic bass guitar. {Impressionistic stuff that draws on 20th-Century compositional aesthetics. When you hear it, that'll make sense.}

I should be able to get these all out by the end of August. Then, I'll have to find something else. We're thinking about videos too, perhaps a compilation DVD release representing all the bands we're {so far} affiliated with. I'm in other bands that will release... things. I'm sure there will be MUCH development & good ideas. Mayhaps even a little bit of viral exposure {HINT: recommend this blog to your friends!} to help us move ever closer to financial stability, or at very very least, consistency.

It's late, I'm done yammering about my own pedantic bullshit. NEXT TIME: Andrew WK, inspiration, and Cover Art.

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