05 October 2010


HOLY CRAP.   It took longer than anticipated; an awful lot of work, revisions, a lost laptop, and lost band members, but Fabrics' EP Paranthropus Boisei is finally finished! Jon Z. Extract & Barrett Laase make up this teen (I mention that only because the songs & performances are so precocious), psychedelic-minded, forward-thinking Chicago band. In spring of 2010, they (including former bandmate Devin Bragulla) came to me seeking to record an album of their best material (up to now); this was material written for the band that was then called Catatonics. We commenced recording, and over the course of the summer:
-Catatonics became Fabrics.
-Devin left the band. (amicably.)
-My laptop (w/ the full recording sessions, no backups) was stolen in Minneapolis, MN.
-The album became an EP (edited down to just Jon's songs, from a mix of their combined best material).

To many wussier bands, any one of those setbacks might have been a deal-breaker. But Jon & Barrett had a vision; a vision that involves being signed to an independent Chicago microlabel; a vision that involves selling CDs to an overly-enthusiastic arts-conscious (and largely female) teenage market; to plying their vision of psychedelia & consciousness-expansion into a royalty-returning endeavor that will eventually allow them to circumvent the traditional employment & higher education memes. Rule No. 6 wants to help them on this quest, & we're doing all we can. We're in the process of manufacturing physical copies of the EP now; BUT IN THE MEANTIME you can visit our bandcamp site to download the feel-good album of the fall: Paranthropus Boisei!!

Check back soon for updates! We're working on getting our catalog on iTunes, LastFM, and eventually, your computer.

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