28 November 2011

La Prima Nocte ::OR:: Proof of What We Do

Richard Clark is an all-around musician. He's a guitarist, pianist, drummer, composer, and songwriter/lyricist. He's a valued member of The Bored of Education, and co-founder of the Party Rock band Ferdinand Fox (now defunct, but once a killer killer band). Really, he's one of the most talented & multifaceted musicians that we know here at Rule 6 (and we know a LOT of musicians). Rich recorded this album (La Prima Nocte) himself, at home, with all his own gear. I'm thrilled to be releasing this set of songs by a musician that I really respect, which has been the guiding principle of Rule No. 6 Recordings all along. This label is all about trying to put music in the ear of listeners. (All the better if it's by some artist or band you've never heard of before.) We're still on the lookout for more music to release, more bands to affiliate with, and always looking for the next idea. So drop us a line (or link) if you have an idea or suggestion!

(This is the cover art for La Prima Nocte. Rich is in there somewhere!)

Coming up this week: The Inner Planets - another Invisible City improv session featuring Rich Clark, myself, and Aaron "Dr. Bracebeats" Brace. Stay tuned, stay in time, and stay hungry!

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